Surrender To Your Own Practice Of Love

As quiet or loud as we may be or seem. One thing is true for all, we need love, we need support. We need family. Our family may change, our family may shift. One day a best friend forever gone, an old flame forgiven, a trust and understanding of an old lie.

I crave being liked and loved. So badly it may fog my view. I refrain from reaching out then a soul finds me and is in deep need of healing. I place my hands on their soul, I wrap heart in theirs, I sing to my God my Sweet Mother Earth for this soul to find peace and healing. The energy flows, the messages pulse in and out. As I become the vessel, the tool for love to flow. Each beat, each message for them is for me as well. All metaphors to be understood and some to be left untold, some to never be known or understood.

We walk this life thinking this way is right, this way is wrong. Choosing the right words, smudge correctly, visualize the right God/Goddess, drink the right tea, spend all your money of this class.

Go back, go back to when you were a child and none that mattered. Your songs did not make sense but how did they make you feel?

As teachers we give you, merely tips. I’m sad to say if your teacher isn’t teaching you to find your unique dance, your unique creative flow then search on. Keep going until you find the soul that teaches you how to be quiet and surrender to natural, unique, infinite well of wisdom deep within you. The well is old and ancient. When you learn to dance AGAIN you’ll find it’s a rare combination of all the lives lived as a healer, as a human, as a magical creature that our Dear Creator has carefully pieced together.

Every broken piece is carefully put into place. Every lesson uniquely designed for you to be able to recreate yourself. Every fall an opportunity to rebuild. A lesson to be taught to be shared.

Often the soul that teaches us this doesn’t want anything in return but for you to flourish, to grow and spread your wings. To share your love.

How is it that you find your dance, your song, how do you learn to sing again. It’s so unique for us all. It may change, it may not. You surrender to the devotion of your heart, the practice of loving yourself.

Sing and don’t worry if the words make sense, shit make them up. Create your own language.

Dance and do not worry about how your body moves and looks, sit in silence, write, walk these and so many more simple, freeing and free methods are here for you to use. You need to master the art of listening to your needs and tapping into your innocence. What quiets your mind will give you your foundation in hearing spirit. How you here spirit varies and is unique to you. You must learn to listen, trust and want nothing in return but to be of service to our Mother.

I’ve waited 3 years for these hydrangeas to bloom. Even ready to give up on them. This year she finally blessed us. I think she is stunning. The light purple reminds me so much of the Mothers love, the Blue of the Fathers energy. The colors flow into one another hard to find where the purple stops and the blue begins. Like Spirit, the unique flow of knowing what it is that is needed

Shifting so that we can better understand her poetic language, painting the picture for us to believe in her beauty. Then my eyes drift to vibrant green, her foundation grows from the Earth our Mother the dew that kisses her this morning from our Father. The balance of all elements needed so that this flower would grow.

It makes me think…

I’ve waited for my entire lifetime to find the teachers that are now in my life and here I am ready to bloom, already blooming, ready to heal, already healing, ready to love and already deeply in love.

Deeply in love with myself, I have surrendered to my own love.

The seed was planted long ago, she trusted that the soil of our Mother, the rain of our father would help her grow but it wasn’t until the day she surrendered her flowers began to bloom.


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