Explore The Goddess 5/13/2020

Today’s healing was very euphoric and fluid. Our energies melted into the essence and grace of the Mother.

She showed us the energy and essence of the Koala Bear. The Koala Bear spoke of distractions.

“Where are distractions alive within your life? How are you manifesting distractions and patterns of destruction and chaos? These things take you further away from the Divine.”

Visions of us as a child playing. The Divine Mother came in as the Image of…

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin.

Mother Mary speaks of self love how one finds love within is by forgiveness not in the one that has wronged us but forgiveness within ourselves for the harm we have self inflicted. Kuan Yins peaceful Motherly embrace will teach us how the stillness of the heart will allow the waters that live within to flow and release that which no longer serves us with grace and ease at the highest good of all.

“You are all my children. Every single one. Even the one you despise. Let go of all pain you are holding within your heart. This pain will only cause you illness.”

The energy felt like a euphoric wave of calmness. We took flight and were flying over the Golden City.

The Golden City Represents the our souls birth place, The Golden City Symbolizes the bliss and Heavens that reside within us. The Golden City is also our Dream State as we sleep and as we are awake.

“What you imagine and think of in your waking state becomes your reality. Be mindful of your thoughts. At night prepare yourself, pamper oneself for you will travel to the heavens as you slumber. If Dreams are not pleasant they are here to show you areas in need of healing”

Spirit Blessed us with Essence and energy of the Firefly.

The firefly is a tiny mighty ball of fire that illuminates the darkest of skies. The darkest of times illuminating the child within us all.

“To know the Divine Mother is to embrace and be one with the child that lives within. To have trust in the one who birthed you, to have trust in the one whom created you, to have trust in the one who cares for you and to have trust in the one who protects you”

Where was the Divine Mother when I was suffering and in pain speaks the ego?

“Child I was there all along. You lived in an Ancient City where lives in human form were created. I asked you what lessons did you long to know and teach. You chose these pains so that you may learn and grow. So that you may teach others.”

The beauty and essence of the Woodpecker came into sight

“To find your truth you must lay down all stories of harm and distractions. You do not find God on social media, you do not find God in the News. You surely do not find God by speaking harm. I am asking you to lay down all the distractions. Become present. All that you seek is within the persistence of finding your breath, opening your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you. Quiet the mind.”

Spirit speaks very clearly and boldly

“Every morning as you wake before you start your day. Look outside and around you. Tell me what good has come to you the day before. Tell me as you look out into Creation what you are thankful for. Within doing this simple act you will become blessed with good fortune and abundance”

Good Fortune and Abundance is before you breathe in these words and visions. Spirit is asking you to rest. Do not fill your mind and overwhelm yourself with thoughts of this healing. Allow the healing to do its magic. Play today, Rest today take comfort that the Great work is being done simply by you being present. Lay down the past and find the beauty in what is right in front of you.

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