Journey To Your Spirit Animal or Guide

Today as I journeyed to our Spirit Allies to aid in holding Sacred Space for our ceremony.

I was greeted by many…

The Owl first greeted us to aid in taking us into the depths, the unseen areas, our subconscious.

Leading the way, lending us the Owls keen sight to see in the Night. What stirs when we are “asleep”.

Many Ancient Elders, Ancestors and Loved ones faces appeared. The faces melting into the energy.

They speak of wisdom stored within us all. This energy is calling to be accessed so that we may walk this earth in our Truths.

Limiting beliefs and false truths were brought to the surface for release. We are being asked to be kind, gentle and graceful with self.

Gatekeepers of the Earth emerged speaking of wisdom stored within the earth’s elements.

Our Allies are asking us to connect with the elements in silence.

Feel the earth on your feet and within your hands.

Inhale the wind

Breathe with the pulse and heart beat of Mother Earth

Quietly listen to her call

Ask her for nothing, have no expectations

Take her in

Be still.

To accept this healing please contact me directly. Link below to description.

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