Sister Goldens Story

The day she stood her ground and said no more

The story played out long ago. Her life taken, her power stripped away by the man. 

She laid dead to bleed, alone on the battlefield not a tribe or army stood behind her. Her heart bled out. Her tears soaked into the earth, her sobs echo still heard in the night.. Her bones were not honored. Her story repeated, the patterns raged on.

Manipulated by the hungry man. 

Cheated and raped over and over again, life after life. 

To be born one day into this modern world to find her bones once again, to sing them whole.

She may have died on that field but her blood fed the earth and a new child was born. A child who would one day come to hear her cries and rewrite the story of “Golden Sister”.

Born in a tribe, protected and surrounded by the Grandfathers and Grandmothers. She was taught to speak with nature and all her elements. Father Eagle, proud of his dear daughter. Grandmother stood with her and taught her the ancient ways. 

She sang with the earth, she felt God’s grace in the wind. She knew the words of the animals by glisten in their eyes. She was beautiful and wise. Connected strongly to the earth. The fire of the Mother burned deeply within her.

Her vision is clear and pristine. Her voice of a lioness that roared and echoed for all to know. She knew of a time to come when sacredness would be lost. She spoke on this sight. Father Eagle wanted her to be the one to lead the Earth Warriors to fight for the Sacred Ways. The Brother envious, full of pride and rage. The rage and greed clogged his vision and he could not see.

Grandmother knew her daughter would not return. She pleaded with Father Eagle to keep their daughter safe. Father Eagle knew too of the sacrifice their dear daughter would make. The lifetimes to come that would one day lead to the now, a modern time.

“This is not for us to understand now. This is the way. She will return one day. When she returns you will watch over her and guide her on her way to find us all again. You will watch over her as a babe. You will protect her in her days of trouble. When the day comes you will help to remember our ways. Help her to soften her heart and return to us. We must let her go. So she will come to know our Spirit, our Spirit ways. So she may sing our songs for all to know. In modern times she came to know and heal many.”

Tears in Grandmother and Fathers eyes, they placed their daughter on the horse. The horse of courage and freedom. As she rode off they feared what was to come but in their hearts they knew. Firmly the stand placed on the Earth turned to stone to hold the wisdom safe for her return in a modern time.

Golden Sister rode off with her tribe to fight the man. He came to control and take what was not to be owned. The jealous brother lost in his greed had convinced the tribe to turn against her. Many confused they did not understand his intent. Instead of standing up to the one who walked disconnected and could not see clearly. They became fearful of the Brother Warrior. Before reaching the battle field the Brother shot an arrow in Gold Sisters back. As she fell from the horse, the horse began to run and drag her. Her people, her family, her tribe watched with tears in their eyes and did nothing and did not speak a word. They trembled in fear of what was to come.

The horse finally stopped, Sister Golden lay in a field of flowers. The mountain overlooked her wrapping her a blanket of love, The song of the Hawk above soothed her mind. As the blood left her body she knew of time to come where she would return.

As she lay in the field to return to source. The men who came to take the Earth from the children who honored her. They rode in with guns, surrounded the tribe and killed them all. Blood filled the forest and the woods. Children and women turned to stone to protect them from harm to forever hold the truths of the sacred earth.

Sister Golden lay in the field waiting to rewrite, waiting for the child of a modern time to come and awaken her. 

This child now a woman has seen many pains. One day, she finally sees Sister Golden’s story.

Rise up Sister Golden Rise up. The blood from the Goddess Mother flows up through the roots of the trees and breathes life back into the Peaceful Earth Warrior of the Heart. She looks down the arrow pierced through to her heart center. Tears in her eyes. She grabs the arrow and pulls it out.

Return to her all that was taken.

Return to her power and pride.

Return to her the truths of the earth

Return to hear the heartbeat of the mother that beats with us all

Never to walk alone again for she walks in beauty and forgiveness.

Sister Golden rise up and sing your song, she now lives today in a modern time.

She is made of the heart of the bear, the song the hawk, the freedom of the wild horse, she is the golden one, she is the Ancient one, she is one.

She will live this life in peace and beauty forever happy once more.

1 thought on “Sister Goldens Story

  1. What a powerful story


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