Sacred Land Healing

As I approached the land I walked slowly taking in all the sights and sounds. Breathing in the air and taking notice of the energy in which the air carried. Honoring with awareness any creatures that came into my sight. Mostly song birds, vultures and squirrels filled the air. The slow walk into the forest, I noticed a calmness and a sense of peace. Taking notice to the shifts in colors as the forest was coming alive full of skunk cabbage along the creek walls. Little green grasses pushing through the leaves that lay on the floor of the forest. Offering a sense of protection to the new life taking root. 

It makes me think of how we are born young and fragile. We leave this earth wise and again fragile. How we have a choice to allow our lives to be filled with knowledge and awareness. We will share our hearts with others. One day we become the ancestors that lay on the forest floor. Protecting the young as they take root and bloom. Bloom into life’s new medicine. How we are truly connected to all of creation. How nature surrounds us and we take her for granted. 

How do we live life, how do we move forward, how do we heal? We have so much ignorance on our very role on this earth. If we could only open our eyes to pay attention to the life that lives around us, the life that is of nature. This wise medicine and sacred being holds all the answers. So we see the Heron fly shall we drink more water, embrace in the nourishment of fish, seek the minerals of the earth, sore and fly following the movement of intuition leading us to the next creek that will feed our souls. All the answers are alive within becoming aware of nature and listening to her silent whispers that stir in the wind, that hum in the earth. In this we find all.

As I approached the my Sacred Grandmother Tree, I called on the Ancestors and Nature Spirits and began to chant. I brought in an energetic light and placed the intentions for healing of the land within this portal.

I felt the warmth of the dry earth on my hands and she began to vibrate and hum. The creek created a soft whisper. I could feel the energy of my guides and the ancestors of that land circle round. Some I knew, some I did not.

My eyes began to shift a bit. I began to enter into a subtle trance like state with my eyes open but slightly closed, creating a blur. Within this blurred vision I could see shapes and energy dancing.

I lifted my hands from the earth and placed them in prayer at my heart’s center. I closed my eyes and gave thanks. As I closed the healing I turned to the tree and felt the need to touch her roots. It is our roots that are in need most of the healing medicine, our foundations.

How amazing, that we can set time to heal the land and she can still find a way to heal us. For a Mother is whole when her children are called home for her love. She finds healing in healing us.

Oh Goddess Mother Earth I pray for you healing, I pray for the healing of this land I hold so sacred deep within my heart. For I know she will forever live on through me. It is my duty to serve her as she serves me.

As I left the forest I again took notice of all that was in my awareness. Peace alive deep within me. Within that peace she brought a little drizzle of rain. A thank you, not just a thank you though. As the rains fell from the heavens and kissed the earth my intentions were sealed and accepted by Spirit.

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