Birth Through The Medicine Drum

 I was asked to help facilitate a Medicine Drum Workshop with a dear friend of mine. She was in need of a helping hand. I offered the Sacred Land I grew up on for this. I arrived 2 hours prior to the workshop a bit nervous. As I walked outside to prepare I was blessed with the Medicine of the Vulture. A feather of the vulture right in a very sacred and special spot to me growing up. This spot no longer has trees but long ago there two strips of trees in this very spot. With a dip in the earth. I would ride my big wheel down through a lane of trees and was transported. I spoke with these trees, learning so much and was very protected here. I learned about the stories of the land right here in this very spot.

The gift of a feather during the Air Spiral on a day of birth through the medicine drum. Where sound will pierce through pain and wounds and deliver new life. My heart be still with such a gift. I was so thankful for my friend Kim offering this knowledge. My guides and the spirits of the land were so excited. I knew this feather was a gift to her. It was quite amazing to feel the land coming more alive more awake. We were bringing back to life a sacredness this land has not seen and felt in so long.

As our guest arrived they took their seats. Kim offered wisdom and knowledge for all. I then began the journey. I could feel the tremble inside my body as my voice roared in song and chant. My voice rang deep.

Some of our guests expressed deep emotions.

We then began to make the drums. It was amazing to be on the other end of the birthing line. Some organically and naturally slipped into their ancient roles. As if they never forgot. I could hear and feel every emotion. Some needed a bit more assistance. Pushing through blocks. Cutting cords as they tied the lace. It was truly amazing. I was a midwife for a day. All the babies were delivered and all the parents proud and deeply in love.

We then walked to my Sacred place in the woods and took a moment to take in the depth and beauty. To give thanks.

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