Healing of the Land

I then went to my Sacred Place, my childhood home. The sun was now shining. I walked down to the creek and the Grandmother Tree mindfully singing along the way. My heart wide open. Emotions pouring from my heart. My hands are vibrating. My head tingles. The sounds of the land beings echoing and in perfect harmony with the songs flowing from my heart. The forest is abundant with life. The blood of the earth intertwining with the waters from the heavens. Father and Mother making love to all of creation and feeding their children.

I touched the Grandmother Tree and felt deep love running throughout. I kneeled done to touch her roots. Breathing deep into my root. I prayed to my Great Grandparents in gratitude for finding this land and sacrificing so much. I prayed for healing of their pain, of the land’s pains to land spirits. In this moment tears streaming down my face. No words could ever explain what happens in these moments, in this moment. A child connecting with her divine and heavenly parents.

When you offer her healing she finds a way to touch your heart and you begin to pour out all that is you to her. In the moments you offer your heart to her she finds a way to heal you. She is selfless, she is forgiving, she loves unconditionally, her love is everlasting. In her last breath she still gives all she can to her children.  No matter what we have done and do to her she still takes us in.

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