The Goddess Lives Inside All

A woman yet still a little girl.

A girl beaten, a girl raped, a girl molested, a girl abused

A woman yet still a little girl

A woman who numbed the pain, a woman who swallowed her pride, a woman who took the hits, a woman with rage inside

A woman yet still a little girl

A little girl afraid of the world, a little girl afraid to speak, a little girl ashamed of her magic

A woman yet still a little girl

A woman struggling to survive, a woman craving to be loved, a woman, sad inside

A woman yet still a little girl

The women, wanting to cry and die

The little girl, not giving up, strong and ready to thrive. 

So forgiving is she, the little one that lives inside.

A woman yet still a little girl

The woman, brave enough to stand up and leave the man who ignored her needs

The man who lashed out, the man who broke her heart. Only to find comfort in the arms of another. A false love built on pain and suffering. A love built on the brokenness of two hearts

A woman yet still a little girl, the Mother growing inside

This is me, this is all of me

Wounded and broken, risen and healed, this is all of me

A woman yet still a little girl, the Mother rising inside

Alone late in a bathroom. Shaking with excitement and fear. A missed moon flow

Happiness and worry, the extreme of love and fear flooding the body and mind

A woman yet still a little girl, the Mother lives inside

Will I be loved, finally? 

Will I be whole?

Will I find peace?

Flooded with truths

The heart shattered yet again by the lessons, the hard truths of the world

Alone I sit in the old bathroom, a part of my heart still there

A woman yet still a little girl, the Mother begins to thrive

I go to you now child to free and release you from despair

As I open the door to the past I see her, a lost part of my soul sitting there

I kneel down, touch her cheek and lift her chin

I place a hand on her womb

My fingers lift her gaze

I look into her eyes

“You have a right to decide. You have a voice. You did nothing wrong. You did what was right and needed. You were protecting yourself. Do not be ashamed. No longer hate yourself. You are strong. You are beautiful. You were not punished and you will not be punished. This was your choice and you have that right. Put this down. Put it down now forever. It is time to leave this place. You have a right to be here and a right to thrive. Come with me rise up from the lies engrained within.”

A little girl, a women, a mother, The Mother

I take her hand and along with all the sacred women that surround her. We walk out the door of this old house. We walk to the Grandmother tree and into her we go. Forever free to flow.

A little girl, a women, a mother, The Mother

A woman who walks free

A little girl alive and full of magic

A women thriving with mystery

A women, a little girl forever that is me

The Mother who knows all lives inside all

To  those who curse the women who are free and wild to flow

I hope my wildness scares you 

I hope my rage makes you tremble inside

I hope the fear of my presence keeps you up at night

I hope your demons haunt you

I hope my presence shows you the reflection of your own wounds

We have had enough of the wrath of your ego, of your hate

I have had enough beatings, enough rapes, enough deaths, I have had enough drownings, I have had enough fires, I have had enough chains. I have had enough of your judgement. 

We are rising fearless, wild and free

Sexual and full of magic and mystery 

What do you fear most? 

Is it my scent? 

Is it my mind? 

Is it my voice? 

What is it that you fear within me?

Is it the reflection of your misery?

Is it that I have the power to birth life and destroy? 

Is it that I have the power to seduce you in every way and anyway I see fit?

That I can heal another?

That I can curse another?

That I can walk nude under the moon?

That I can walk into a Holy place and still worship the Goddess with grace and ease?

Is it my voice that howls in the night sky? 

That my mind can summon the winds?

That hum brings forth the angles. 

What do you fear most about me?

Is that through me you can see your tattered soul?

You can’t control me, you never could and you never will

Rise my sisters, rise

With fire in our eyes

With a burning deep in our womb

Flow, move, shake the earth

Break it down, break it all down

What is it that you fear most?

When you look into my eyes, will I show you mercy?

You fall to the ground whimpering 

I choose not to shed another drop of hate and blood for the cruelty shown to the rise of the wild women. You will see the weak coward that you truly are. I will see that broken man that lives inside. You will then live with your truths of hate and fear. Consumed by your own suffering. I will spare you the hurt that was shown to me. I will be sure that your hate will die along with your suffering. I will force you to look deep into my eyes and own all that was done, own all that is you.

For hate and death is not the answer 

Love wrapped in arms of the womb deeply rooted within the Mother is all, it is everything

Rise up my sister, rise up

We are the true warriors

We are the true healers

We are sacred dancers

We are the witches that lurk in the night

We swim in the dark seas

We bath in sun’s rays

We speak to the wind

We dance in the fire

Rise up, walk freely from and within the shadows as you please

Howl, dance, suidce, make love, give birth, create

Dance your sacred dance

Drink from magic that is you

Wild and forever free the Goddess lives inside you

You are a child, you are a women, we are all part of the Great Mother

A woman yet still a little girl flowing with magic and mystery, feeding the Goddess that lives inside me.

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