July New Moon

Goddess Mother Moon joins in union with Father Sun planting seeds to create new life. 

A time of passion, fuel and fire.

Be mindful of finding your breath and breathe the element of air into the crown, let the energy flow and thaw the waters within. Exhale into the earth feeding and fueling your fire and earth energy.

Be sure to ground yourself often. Remind yourself that you are nature. Touch your heart and extend your energy into the earth becoming one

Who is the child that lives within self?

Go to the wild one, the young one that lives inside.

The wild child is still there, alive waiting for you to find yourself yet again.

This is the aspect of self where play, trust and faith exist.

Do not allow the stories of the past to hold this child back.

You have the power to unleash, let the child run free, free of fear and harm.

The child may act out at times. This is the voice of the critique. The voice of fear.

Ask yourself what is it that I am feeling?

What is it that I am in need of?

The voice inside your mind is not there to harm you.

The voice inside is the little one speaking their fears and needs.

Stand up and support the magic maker that lives inside.

Sometimes the child is too afraid to speak up and will hide and act in ways of discomfort.

Such as stomachaches, migraines, cramps and more.

In this New Moon energy let’s connect with the inner child and give this child the voice and support that is needed.

Find a sacred object that is near and dear to your heart. Something that represents the inner child. 

Identify the areas that are in hiding or are deeply in need of releasing.

Acknowledge all of this pain and harm. Let it bubble up so you can let it go.

It is now time to weed and cleanse the inner garden.

It is now time to plant new seeds and water the ones that fuel the heart.

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