Shamanic Full Moon, Womb Journey & Healing

Shamanic Full Moon, Womb Journey & Healing

Gather in sacred ceremony as we honor the call of the moon. We will braid together the energy of Kundalini, Usui and Shamanic Reiki through healing touch with the art of Shamanism through a guided Shamanic Journey, Shamanic Sound and Chants.

Join us as we remember our true essence and the sacred wild earth of the Feminine flow of the moon.

During this afternoon of healing we will sit in circle creating a soft nest to breathe into our bodies. We will use breathwork to anchor in and release. Shamanic techniques aswell as advanced reiki practices will be shared to aide you in this healing.

Hands-on healing will be shared as we step into the Shamanic Journey Space to help lift the Kundalini Goddess energy from the fire of the sacred heart and cosmic womb of the Mother Earth. Helping us to release, remember are sacred wild magical medicine and breathe our intentions and desires into life.

Registration is required

Please bring:

  • water
  • yoga mat
  • blanket and pillow
  • as well as any other sacred tools your called too
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