Reiki Kids

Reiki Kids, Reiki Certification

In this class we are teaching children about Usui Reiki. This is a light and easy approach to using Reiki, Mediation and other self healing techniques.

Parents are engaged in the process and get to learn how to support and hold space for their children. Parents can cultivate or deepen their own self healing through this.

I have watched my children cultivate self healing soothing techniques for self. We are able to come together and practice meditation with one another. This has also opened up conversation to talk about what is alive within.

Usui Reiki Level I, is a day for like minded families and children to come together to not feel alone in their gifts and even their troubles.

This class is just the stepping stone to assisting our children with

  • Self Love
  • Empathy
  • To help them cultivate self healing when troubled
  • How to help self in public- How calm and protect self emotionally
  • How to process fear or overwhelm
  • Meditation Techniques and so much more

We will hold additional classes at a very low fee every season to support the children/parents in their journey.

Any child whom wishes to learn how to teach and hold space for others will be fully supported.

My why, my mission…

I was a very sad and depressed child but I knew deep inside there was so much more to this world then my troubles. I want to share this with children so the can feel supported, not alone and see that what makes them unique is their gifts.

This world is troubled and I must do whatever I can within my power to reach out to as many as possible. I do all that I do for the children of this earth our future.

I hope you will join us!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if your in need of financial assistance

or how we can support your family!

Love always Holly Earth Guide

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