Sacred Blood, Wild Earth

Wild earth

She is sacred

She is wise

She is restful

She is slow, deep and profound

She smells of earth

She is the fertilizer to the seeds

The gatekeeper, the fire keeper, the artist, the healer

I fucking love her even when she screams

She screams for my attention, I’ll take a seat and listen

She is absolutely all that exist, raw earth running through me

She is blood of this earth

She is sacred and divine

She is truth

She is warmth

She is my very heartbeat

She is the temple

She is my blood, my moon, my howl, my voice, my dance

She is the sacred blood of the earth and she runs through me

She is all mine, every drip, every drop

She is the call of the wild that lives in my caves

Hear howl, oh sacred red blood that runs through me

Hear her howl

Sacred blood

Wild earth

She is all mine

– holly earth guide –

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