Dark Nights of the Soul

What are some of the strengths and gifts I have gained through the challenges and changes of life – and through my Dark Nights of the Soul?

In moments of complete destruction. 

Moments of complete darkness. 

There is a moment of complete surrender.

The darkness creates a void, the darkness paves way for spaciousness. In this moment a voice that has no words moves in. Sweeping in like smoke dances from the fire. 

Air, space asking for movement and motion. Yet can only be found in the surrender to stillness and silence. The stillness and silence are found once the emotions are expressed and exhausted.

Like wind caressing the body and soul reminding me to remember my worth and value.

Spirit speaks “Keep going”

If I stop I become ill, if I go too fast I’m overstimulated, If I open too much I’m blinded. I have no choice but to focus on the here and now, the present moment. A moment of pure and complete surrender.

The darkness speaks in unique languages and vibrations. Its presence is here for an important reason. Not to destroy but to shake down, shake loose and release. If I can own my bravery and take a seat to listen to my needs,  I can then breathe new life and movement into all that is me. I can learn the language of the darkness instead of fighting its very gifts and essence. In this I have the ability to dance and swim, owning the darkness as a vehicle for transformation and liberation.

I become one with all aspects of self, in this I find my place in the web of existence. No longer deny any part of self.

There is an undercurrent of light that sits, swims at the base and seat of darkness.

I have learned to celebrate and no longer curse the darkness.

I have found my breath.

I have found a presence.

I have listened to my needs.

I have found my voice, my strength, my vitality.

I have deepened my connection to my ancestors.

I have fallen deeply and madly in love with nature and the embrace of the trees.

I have learned to speak and understand the language of darkness that speaks in metaphors and deep poetry.

I have grown to understand that the darkness is a vital part of the web of life and my existence.

Gifts from the dark side of the soul…

Inspired by Shamanic Reiki, EVI of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

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