Calling Me Home To The Dance Floor

“I’d like to invite you to think of the earth as the Great Medicine Drum, our feet the mallet…

Our dance is our medicine walk. Helping clear the way not only for self but for our ancestors and mankind. We dance for all…

During the dance my vision shifted. All was seen in a vibrating light and sound, a pulsating movement…

I began to see the vibration of the blending, the weaving and braiding of all realities in the now with my normal day to day sight. In this I became aware that there is absolutely no separation. The separation that exists is that in which we create…”

I have carried this day with me throughout the year to follow. I often reflect back to the Sacred Drum Dance. Remembering that this moment now was birthed on the dance floor, the drum of Pachamama. My feet, heart and breath are the sacred mallet that moves her. A remembering of my ancestors’ essence rumbles within, calling me home to the dance floor.

Holly Earth Guide SRMT, EVI

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