Moon Flow Blessings

As I sit and listen to my breath, the songs of life fill my being. A blessing to all…

🌙 Flow Blessings ✨

The flow of life moves through all of creation.

There is an ocean of sacredness within the feminine.

There is a river within the divinity of the masculine.

Weaved together by the breath of life,

The cosmic womb of existence,

The sacred heart of our very being

The fire

The water

The air

The earth

Moves through each and every being

We are not separate

The masculine bleeds and flows for the feminine

The feminine feeds life into the masculine.

She conjures the fires from deep within her primal soul essence.

He guards the fire, tending to the flame when it grows weak.

So she may rise higher and higher.

She is he and he is she

Wild sacred earth moving through me.

Blood of life

River so ancient

Womb waters so wise

Call me in

Draw me back

Take me to the forest home deep within my soul

– holly earth guide –

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