My Sacred “No”

My “NO” protects me from accepting that which does not serve me.

My “NO” protects me from digesting false truths.

My “NO” protects me from inhaling harm from others.

My “NO” protects me from self harm, false truths, lies, deceit and manipulation.

My “NO” is my “YES” to self love

My “NO” is my “YES” to reclaiming my power.

My “NO” is my “YES” to remembering my self worth.

My “NO” is my “YES” to all that is me.

My “NO” is my “YES” to fearlessly shineing my light for all to see.

My “NO” is my “YES” to love and divinity.

My “NO” is my “YES”

My gateway to me.

– holly earth guide –

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