SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2022 AT 2 PM – 4 PM

Habitat Studios – 351 E Lancaster Ave, Downingtown, PA 19335

An Intuitive Group Healing Meditation with Stephanie Long from Moonstone Holistic Emotional Support and Holly Troupe from Earth Guide.

Registration is required prior to the event. Please reserve your spot ahead of time at the ticketing link.

Our Divine Mother, whom goes by many names and has appeared to all of mankind, a symbol of Divine Love. Mother Mary has the ability to cast away all our fears and allow unconditional love and light in so that we live at our fullest and highest good. In a unique meditation using both Kundalini Earth Energy and Universal Soul Star Energy, Stephanie and Holly combine these energies for a powerful chakra healing, specifically the Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is all about creativity, intimacy, sex, and passion. The Womb of the Mother represents many things, not just creating physical life but creating passion for life. Mother Mary and Mother Earth are held synonymous with the celebration of Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on Saturday, May 8th. Hence, Stephanie and Holly will call in all energy related to our Womb of the Sacred Mother, celebrating the bonds of Mother to our Kundalini Earth Energy and our Mother Mary Soul Star Energy.

Join Stephanie Long, Moonstone Holistic and Holly Troupe, Earth Guide, both Multi-layered Holistic Healing Practitioners, in an afternoon of healing through sound, voice, intention and space. We will begin with setting our intentions, lifting our voice with guided beautiful chants that Creator wrote within the earth and stars. During a Guided Journey Meditation, multiple layers of healing will be channeled though voice, breath work and touch.

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