Boundaries and Guidelines

This year has been about boundaries and guidelines. Looking back at my life. My life has been all about boundaries and guidelines. Healthy and unhealthy. 

How can I learn to trust my own body and her wisdom if I have let her down for so many years and lifetimes? I can start by giving her a vital truth and awareness that will sustain her and support her.

Clarity can be found in finding our breath and our connection with self. Our practice is essential to our existence and overall wellness. If you can make time to go to lavish facilities, spend countless hours and money on wellness you are more than capable of carving out a foundation and connection with self. No money, doctor or healer can ever give you this connection. It comes from within. Yes, many need support and guidance in how to access this. But it all comes from the source within. The source of life, movement and breath in us all.

Learn to breathe, learn to find silence within. Anchor your thoughts. Merge with nature, the nature within and you will surely find your freedom.


Discomfort, resistance, lack of understanding, lack of listening, lack of hearing, ignorance, naive, foolish, afraid, uneasy, unsure.

Will they still like me?

Will I still be kind?

Will I still be gracious?

Will I become a monster?

Will I become all that I despise?

Boundaries and guidelines are created not to keep society out. They are created to unify. Boundaries are misunderstood. Holding the container so wild nature can flourish and emerge. So dreams can manifest.So greatness can unhold. So healing can be found and freedom harnessed.

Boundaries do not restrict. Instead they provide abundance and life. Boundaries create safety. Boundaries are a key tool to allowing life in. Boundaries bring us clairty and expansion. Helping us to align. Allowing us to free ourselve of attachment. Drawing light in. Helping us to stay true and clear to our mission, passion, path, purpose and truths. Protecting not only us but the gardens we create, the seeds we plant.

Boundaries support the Master of all Creation, this Master is you.

Photo Credit Anna Seader, Seader Studios

2 thoughts on “Boundaries and Guidelines

  1. Bravo 👏🏼


  2. Thank you do much for always listening ❤


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