Awaken To Your Soul’s Unique and Divine Purpose

Channeled Message…

Spirit speaks of the memory of the long road  forgotten. Always remember the mountain in which you climbed. Always remember. Return to me always.

We are leaving behind the ties, the bonds, the vows and curses of the past. The unique Medicine of the White Turkey speaks of healing through connection to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is not in need of you. For you are in need of her. Tend to her and in doing so you are tending to you. She is a direct connection and reflection of self. Fight for the Waters, the Blood, the very Life and Essence of our existence. In doing so my children you fight for the waters within. Free the floodgates. Let the waters flow. Let the tears fall. Clean my very veins. Free yourself child. So you may fly free.

The power to heal the earth is within you.

I am open to receive the divine abundance and healing of the earth

Let go of separation, separation of the earth within.

We are now stepping into the movement and flow of life. Do not resist the call within. Unlock the inner child and let the child lead. Surrender to the sacredness. In this you will feel heaven and earth moving within. You are the connection of the sky and the soil. 

The Medicine of the Sacred Starling is asking us to step out into the world and connect in authentic ways.

I welcome others into my world and receive the gift of community

Trust, discernment, balance, ego, child, play, stillness, movement

The seeds being nurtured, rooted and beginning to expand is that of the Sacred Woodpecker.

Use your discernment and fortitude to achieve your goals and find a new rhythm.

Let go of trying to control the dance. Step in and let Pachamama and Sky Father move you. Let your feet follow the heart and rhythm of the sacred ways that move through you. Do not let the stories of the past hinder and hold you back. Let them teach you so you may fly.

Become aware of body, heart and earth connection. Acknowledge what is alive. Embrace all that is you. Let the flows, shifts and waves be the very music and drum beat that guides you.

Journey within. Let your own wild nature be your very song and dance.

I honor and accept all my life’s experiences

Oh dear child, Grandmother whispers. The White Eagle is here for you. The connection to the divine guidance is within you. Calling you home to the very marrow and blood of your bones. Sing your song, sing yourself whole. I am the messenger of the heavens the angels call out. I am the Divine vision and highest connection. Now is the time to come into alignment. Let go of what is not working, distractions, chaos and grasping. Put it all down and journey within. Let your purpose, missions and path emerge. Nothing is in your way if you choose to see.

Awaken to your soul’s unique and divine purpose.

Your vital to the web of life. Your medicine is needed now!

Reference Divine Feather Messenger By Allison DeNicola

Photo by Seader Studios

– holly earth guide –

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