The Stone People

When I was a child I could be found talking to and spending my days outside with the stones. I still know where some of them reside. Some have been moved. But I remember them well. I remember their names. Here with the stones is where I mixed minerals and waters, I spoke and prayed in my own language and songs. Offering prayers. Smelling the earth.

My stones were named…

Grandmother she was a Great beyond Great Grandmother who sat in the North. When I sit each morning as the sun rises I feel her embrace when the wind wraps around holding me. I feel her Gazing into my eyes reminding me of my truth.

In Woods lived Father Time he was a multitude of stones formed and shape to create a space I thought of as a home. Here I mixed minerals and chatted away. He sat where the north winds merged with the east. Teaching me to travel to far off distance places, spaces and time.

Now my Sweet Ancient Stone of the East a gentle giant where I sat and wrote, scribbling symbols, sitting in thought, melting into space, floating in the heavens, bouncing on clouds, talking to fae. Here I sat with Father Time the voice of Spirit who echoed in my mind, tingling and vibrating my crown. I feel his voice as I step in and connect with Spirit, he is validation, my confirmation and confidence.

These are only a few but these few I carry with me to this very day.

– Holly Earth Guide –




The Stone People mark a time in which knowing will be revealed to you. Your personal records are held by these libraries of rock. Childhood memories may return and allow you to piece together a part of your personal puzzle. Memories of past lives or déjà vu could bring new awareness. Whatever the case, you are now in a position to know where you came from and where you are going.

The Stone Person card assist you in focusing your intent, dispelling confusion, changing habits, retrieving records from long ago, or getting grounded. Allow these teachers to become your Allies and discover a new world. Listen to the whispers of the mineral kingdom and your heart will know.

In all cases, the Stone People card asks you to open your mind because new understanding is coming your way. This knowledge is based on Earth-Records and may change the way in which you view life. These ancient friends are the oldest Children of the Earth and only asks us to stop and listen.


Record holders of the Earth,

Will you please explain

The history that gave us birth,

The truth you do contain?

Like your cousins of the seas,

The shells that let us hear,

Sacred whispers are the key,

To the history we hold dear.

Stone people we will hear you.

Teach us the ancient ways,

So we may build a future

Based on prayer and praise.


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