The Sacred Drum Dance

– Sound, native teachings and art by Joseph Rael –

We all travel to the other side. We dream at night. We have insights beyond our understanding. We dance. We drum. We vision quest. We do all of this to travel to non-ordinary reality to bring gifts back to the people; the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the winged.

There are elders there in the non-ordinary reality that show up in your dreams and in other ways and keep saying, “You have to do your vision.” Eventually you have two choices; you either do your visions or you don’t. If you don’t then you don’t, but there are consequences. Why is that? Because we are born in order so we can do something on the earth for not only ourselves and for our immediate family members, but also for the world that we live in, which is this circle of light. Some of us call it planet Earth.

The true purpose of the practice of vibration is the self-expression of the infinite in finiteness, because all of the One in the all is a sleeping, dreaming heart of Love.

– Sound, native teachings and art by Joseph Rael –

The Drum Dance at Birdsong in Pennsylvania, a Chief’s Perspective

by Lindsley Field, Ceremonial Leader and Shamanic Guide

The Sacred Drum Dance

from Holly Lynn Troupe, year 2 Drum Dancer

The Sacred Drum Dance at Birdsong Peace Chamber is not the easiest experience to find words for. There is truly no way to articulate what takes place on the Dance Field. 

My name is Holly. I am a year 2 Drum Dancer. In 2021 when I completed my first Dance I laid on the field crying, feeling the Great Mothers heartbeat. I longed to return to the field. 

As the 2022 Drum Dance approached I could feel the call. Along with the call grew large waves of resistance. I was afraid. I was afraid of the work to be done. The path to be cleared, the soil to be held, the seeds to be planted and the tears that would fall feeding the seeds and prayers. Wrapping and weaving into all of creation, the Great Mystery of Life. (Please note the seeds are a metaphor for the prayers and healing for all of life).

My ego completlyey swirled with fear. The first hours and into dream time my ego spoke loudly, keeping me up all night. I couldnt stop my ego, I had to let it speak. It chattered, even at early sunrise onto the Dance Field. I had to move and dance. The ego beckoned for the Dance. I had to let it be what it would be. My ego surrendered and died on that field. 

As I danced I prayed to heal the past, clear the path for the present and future. Every step was in prayer. Parts of self died and new life was born. Visions of hardships and trauma of Ancestors poured out onto the field. I died on that field. I gave birth to my truth and the truth of my Ancestors. I gave every ounce of myself to Spirit. I surrendered and cried out for Spirit to take it all. Let me die, let me be filled with your love. Let me become the Dance of Life, the song of Creation.

The Dance brought forth many visions that I am still soaking and sitting with. I am not fully ready to share what I saw and felt. Maybe I will always cherish and hold in my heart only for me. I do not know yet. I will tell you. Eagles flew above the field, vultures and crows blessed us. Cold winds of the North carried the Ancestors to the field. Angles surrounded us and Danced in the Heavens. Visions and messages of great depth.

llusion falling and fading away still weeks after the dance. New life, old rememberings of Sacredness emerging. Truth and the essence of life coming to light. The Dance stays with you. I close my eyes and remember the Dance and my Dancing Family. We were and are Warriors of Truth and Heart fighting through prayer and love for the traumas of the past, clearing the way so the Ancestors can find us once again. 

“Close your eyes. 

Slowly inhale, surrender, slowly exhale, melt into.

Go back, keep going back, never forget.

When I close my eyes, I’m right there back on the field!

To my fellow Dancers I will see you soon

I can see the feathers now

There are memories within the earth

Stories within the stones.

History erased

Language forgotten

Dances, no longer danced

Songs, no longer sung




No rights



Yet Spirit still moves

The earth still beats 💓

As I connect with land

I hear your stories

I remember your tales

Sacred tools found within the land

Their stories held in the memory of the waters

I will remember

I will tell your tales

And I will dance the Feather Line to the Sacred Drum and ancient songs in your honor of you. The Drum Dance is within. I will show up in your memory and stories to come.

For the children of the past and the children to come.

Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow thank you ♡”

– love always holly –

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