Dancing Under the Dark Moon!

We are moving into Dark Moon that will then birth the New Moon.

Dark Moon is absence of Moon light ✨ She will moving in like the Old Lady Crone, the stirring of the Owl to show us layers in need of attention. She is the sharp contraction before the final push into the New Moon which is the babe whom shows us the first sliver of light.

Most in the modern world confuse Dark Moon with New Moon they are not the same. Dark Moon Magic has been lost because people fear the work she brings.

The veil is becoming thin, the Ancestors are near waiting for you to call them in.

When I speak of Ancestors I speak in metaphor you do not need to know your bloodline ancestors and honestly many are so removed from our ancestral ways. I’m speaking of the ancestral roots of magic and medicine so far from our literal knowing. They are here now waiting for you to find them.

So howl, sing, chant work with the elements call on her power and own lost truths. Take them back for not only you but for those who speak in a tongue not understood by many.

Love always,


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