Events & Workshops

  • Reiki Kids

    Reiki Kids

    SAT, OCT 2 2021 AT 10 AM – 3 PM EDT

    $150 – First Child & Adult
    $100 – each Additional Sibling
    venmo @holly-troupe-1

    Space is limited!

    Reiki is a simple and powerful healing technique that balances the energy system of your child’s body; this often leads to improvement in health, increased relaxation and improved mental & physical well-being.
    Benefits of Usui Reiki…

    • Release anxiety, fear and tension
    • Aide in healing the body, mind & spirit
    • Instill a feeling of peace and harmony
    • Help to better understand self & gifts
    • Self Help and Healing
    • Foundation in Energy Work

    In this class we will explain the key foundations in Reiki. Child and parent will leave able to use Reiki on self and each other.

    On-going support, zoom calls and discounted sessions are all perks to this class. The goal is to support families!

    This first initial class will be 6 HOURS with 1hr for lunch break.

    We will hold additional classes to extend wisdom and teachings @every 3 weeks. These classes will be at an additional rate (very low and will vary). If there is an interest to teach these classes during weekdays to homeschool families, please inquire via fb pm or email.

  • Sacred Earth Spiral with Holly Earth Guide

    Sacred Earth Spiral with Holly Earth Guide

    WED, OCT 20 AT 7 – 9PM

    Join Habitat Studios and Holly Earth Guide for an evening of healing, sharing and community.

    Community Earth Circles are an opportunity to connect with the inner sacred place that lives within us all. To receive the healing benefits of the natural elements that live within and around us.

    We will gather together to share in a sacred circle as our indigenous ancestors once did. Many indigenous communities still gather to this day to find connection and healing from the earth and their community.

    Holly will lead everyone through a brief meditation to bathe in the natural healing of the earth. We will share in prayer to our loved ones and or situations heavy in our hearts. You will be guided in a brief and simple techniques to share in giving and receiving healing. As we close we will come together to offer gratitude to the earth and mankind.

    Holly has been assisting, teaching and empowering those within her community through an array of natural healing modalities. Holly is a Master Teacher of Advanced Energy work and Spiritual Leader.

    Holly is trained in the following areas…
    Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher Student, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher.

    Self Care Investment – $38

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