• Community Healing Circles

    Community Healing Circles

    (cost varies depending on venue)

    Community Earth Circles are an opportunity to connect with Nature and receive the healing benefits of our natural resources.

    Holly and the participants will gather together to share in a sacred circle as our indigenous ancestors once did. Many indigenous communities still gather to this day to find connection and healing from the earth and their community.

    Holly will lead the group through a brief meditation to bathe in the natural healing of the earth. They will share in prayer to our loved ones and/or situations heavy in our hearts. Participants will be guided in a brief and simple technique to share in giving and receiving healing. As they close, the group will come together to offer gratitude to the earth and mankind.

  • Exploring Past Lives

    Exploring Past Lives

    In this class you will learn the how to Channel Past Lives through Shamanic Techniques.

    You will be guided in how to retrieve Past Lives for others and then have time explore our findings.

    This technique can be used in aiding one to connect with past wounds and trauma as well as ancestral patterns and cycles of trauma.

    • A certificate will be provided per request to download and print.
    • A portion of energy will go to aide OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN EARTHWISDOM CIRCLE and their mission to aide in supporting the indigenous elders whom bring us these ancient teachings.

      Please bring:
    • Lunch and water
    • Journal or notebook
    • Drum and or rattle (not required but very helpful)

    • Reiki Level II or Higher
    • Prepayment is required (if you can not attend 1 week notice is required)

  • House/Land Cleansings & Blessings

    House/Land Cleansings & Blessings

    Starting @$200 – 2 hrs

    Home/land assistance in cleansing and blessing to restore the energy.

    To assist in aiding energy to transition and move forward.

    • Includes 1 Free Spiritual Consultation
    • Detailed Instructions on how to help self and home prior to Cleansing and afterwards
    • Includes 1 Free follow up consultation
  • Kundalini Reiki Certification Level I, II & III

    Kundalini Reiki Certification
    Level I, II & III

    $500 1-2 month intensive – online

    Learn how to use Kundalini Reiki. Learn to teach others Kundalini Reiki.

    Kundalini Reiki is a very powerful healing modality. It works at a fast rate and high vibration. Healing begins quickly and continues to flow even after the Practitioner has finished the session. Your body will absorb a higher amount of energy, which can bring a lot of emotions to the surface.

    Kundalini pulls from the Earth Center opening our chakras connecting to Source. For overall
    wellness and a profound Spiritual Healing.

  • Reiki Kids

    Reiki Kids

    SAT, OCT 2 2021 AT 10 AM – 3 PM EDT

    $150 – First Child & Adult
    $100 – each Additional Sibling
    venmo @holly-troupe-1

    Space is limited!

    Reiki is a simple and powerful healing technique that balances the energy system of your child’s body; this often leads to improvement in health, increased relaxation and improved mental & physical well-being.
    Benefits of Usui Reiki…

    • Release anxiety, fear and tension
    • Aide in healing the body, mind & spirit
    • Instill a feeling of peace and harmony
    • Help to better understand self & gifts
    • Self Help and Healing
    • Foundation in Energy Work

    In this class we will explain the key foundations in Reiki. Child and parent will leave able to use Reiki on self and each other.

    On-going support, zoom calls and discounted sessions are all perks to this class. The goal is to support families!

    This first initial class will be 6 HOURS with 1hr for lunch break.

    We will hold additional classes to extend wisdom and teachings @every 3 weeks. These classes will be at an additional rate (very low and will vary). If there is an interest to teach these classes during weekdays to homeschool families, please inquire via fb pm or email.

  • Shamanic Life Empowerment Mentorship

    Shamanic Life Empowerment Mentorship

    Marrying Reiki with Shamanic Practices through healing and wisdom. To aid in a journey of self discovery.

    Learn the ancient indigionous Shamanic and Earth Practices of healing. This mentorship is created to aid in helping self and in your healing practices with others.

    All sessions are catered to your needs and desires.
    We meet 4, 8 or 12 sessions bi-weekly.

    Sessions are at least 2 hours long and on-going support and wisdom to carry your through and beyond the series is extended when not in session.

    We will work towards Shamanic Healing Practices and teaching to aid in empowerment and growth.

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • Shamanic Medicine Drum

    Shamanic Medicine Drum

    Energy exchange and time frame vary

    Craft a single sided oak frame medicine drum of either Deer, Elk, or Buffalo hide. Each hide choice brings with it a unique energy. We begin the workshop with a ceremony connecting to Mother Earth and to the heartbeat of your drum. The drum is then tied and coaxed into form…all the while receiving your energy and intentions. Finally, it is laced in a sacred pattern representing the medicine wheel and four cardinal directions. You will leave them with a completed raw drum. The drum takes about a week to naturally dry/cure in a cool, dry location. Once dry, it can be personalized with paint, beads or feathers if desired. Each drum is unique in color and tone. An information packet including drum aftercare and shea butter are included.

    Everything you need to create your drum and beater will be provided. You can bring your own stick to create a beater if you wish. The event will be held outdoors under a covered pavilion, so dress accordingly!

    Bring a yoga mat and/or blanket so you are comfortable with meditation. Pack a lunch and/or snack and beverage. Bottled water will be provided. Dress for comfort, as birthing drums is intense work…but EXTREMELY rewarding.

  • Shamanic Reiki & Soul Journey Healing Sessions

    Shamanic Reiki & Soul Journey Healing Sessions

    Energy Exchange:

    Monthly Clients:

    Call upon your Spirit Allies to travel through space and time to clear away any blocks that are restricting you from moving forward on your path of purpose.

    Healing Includes and not limited to…

    • Healing Touch (Shamanic, Kundalini & Usui Reiki)
    • Healing Sound (Light Codes/Light Language)
    • Past Life Regression & Soul Retrieval
    • Release of Negative Attachments & Heavy Energy
    • Cord Cutting (release of negative emotions & memories)
    • Integration of Healing
    • Spiritual Counseling

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • Shamanic Reiki Certification Level I, II & III

    Shamanic Reiki Certification
    Level I, II & III

    Please inquire if interested on energy exchange

    Shamanic Reiki is a unique blend of both traditional Reiki and Shamanism. These two forms of healing are interwoven to help one tune into the natural rhythm of nature. We find a deep profound connection with Spirit and Earth Wisdom.

    In these teachings you will learn the foundations of both Reiki & Shamanism. You will find a deeper connection to the wisdom that is already alive within you and flowing.

    You will connect the dots to your ancient wild ways that live within.

  • Spiritual Counseling

    Spiritual Counseling

    This is a time set aside to aid one in their journey of healing and growth.

    We will settle into the Earth Energy through a brief guided meditation.
    Discuss what is heavy and limiting and what is alive within your heart that is in need of light.

    We will channel Great Spirit for Earth Wisdom and guidance to assist in moving forward.

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • Usui Reiki Certification Level I, II & III

    Usui Reiki Certification
    Level I, II & III

    $200 Level I, $300 Level II & $400 Level III

    Learn the ancient hands on/off holistic form of healing Usui Reiki.

    This class is a wonderful gateway and introduction into the foundations and universal laws of energy work.

    This form of healing will help open the doors to your unique style and gifts.

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